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Cinema Iran 2018

Five-Year Anniversary Cinema Iran: “Half-Forgotten Memories”

CINEMA IRAN is opening its doors for the fifth time to invite you to explore Iran’s past and present from a cinematic perspective.

This year’s programme focusses on some “half-forgotten memories”, some crucial and often also painful moments of Iranian history.

2018 brings various anniversaries of significant events, which have shaped Iranian history. 1978 marks the beginning of the “Iranian Revolution” and after eight long years of fighting the Iran-Iraq war finally came to an end in 1988. These, often traumatising, memories continue to have an effect to this day and are present in Iranian every-day life – either on a conscious or subconscious level.

Some films in this year’s programme deal with the time-period immediately before the Iranian Revolution (BEFORE THE REVOLUTION), others like BREATH (NAFAS) directed by Narges Abyar addresses the Iran-Iraq war. BREATH (NAFAS) had been nominated as the official Iranian contribution for an Oscar in the category of “Best Foreign Language Film”. A MAN OF INTEGRITY (LERD) by Mohammad Rasoulof deals with everyday challenges vis-a-vis a wide-spread culture of corruption.

Our opening feature film is the black comedy PIG (KHOOK) by Mani Haghighi, which had been widely celebrated at this year’s Berlinale film festival. This hilarious drama about a famous and narcissistic film director eagerly waiting for a serial killer to go after him, is also full of references and poking fun at the entire Iranian film industry.

The fifth anniversary of Cinema Iran will be celebrated with a Persian Pop-Party on the 14th of July at the LOVELACE club.
DJ Booty Carrell
will get the party crowd fired up with Iranian pop-hits ranging from Googoosh to Hayedeh.

The film programme is complemented by a photo exhibition on old and slowly decaying Iranian cinemas, a literary reading by the renowned author Amir Hassan Cheheltan as well as further talks on film history and the contemporary art scene by cultural scholar and actress Dr. Maryam Palizban and Hannah Jacobi.

Cinema Iran 2017


Cinema Iran 2016


3rd Iranian Film Festival in Munich 06. – 11.07.2016

Cinema Iran is excited to present – in cooperation with Münchner Stadtbibliothek and Evangelische Stadtakademie – a selection of current Iranian fiction and non-fiction feature films at the library’s lecture hall at Gasteig.

The films chosen for the festival program all present Iran from different perspectives, both internal and external, and cover a wide range of topics such as culture-specific issues, art, historical heritage, and love. They allow the audience to gain insight and to immerse themselves into the colourful everyday life and the diverse history of the Iran.

The festival also includes a photography exhibition about the daily life of the urban post-revolutionary generation by internationally renowned visual artist and photojournalist Kaveh Rostamkhani and a literary reading with German-Iranian author Shida Bazyar from her debut novel (“Nachts ist es leise in Theran”) in which she looks back at Iranian history and events since 1979 through the eyes of her family. Movie-discussions with the lead-actress of the opening film “Lantouri” Maryam Palizban and filmmaker and artist Shahram Entekhabi give the audience an opportunity to engage with the film on an interactive level and round this year’s festival program off.

The City of Munich’s Kulturreferat and Filmstadt Munich e.V. sponsor this event.

Initiator and project management Cinema Iran: Silvia Bauer
For any questions or requests regarding Cinema Iran 2016 please feel free to contact Mascha Ghirardini, presse@cinema-iran.de, public relations team.


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